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Vendor Rates 2024-25

Please READ carefully:


Pay $30 APPLICATION FEE(S) (1 per market day- Sun.-Sat.) at time of Application.

Each day of the week is a different market.

AFTER MARKET ACCEPTANCE, PAY MONTHLY RATES on the 15th before the new month starts to reserve your space and to avoid Late Fees.

Put that date in your phone's calendar as a repeating reminder. 

10' x 10' Space Weekly Rates PAID MONTHLY:

Sunday-South Collier Farmers Market @FSW:  $60/wk paid monthly.

Sunday-Surfside Cape Coral: $60/wk paid monthly

Tuesday-Surfside Cape Coral: $60/wk paid monthly

Tuesday-St. John's Farmers Market Naples: $60/wk paid monthly

Thursday- Santini Farmers Market SFMB: $60/wk paid monthly

Friday-Fort Myers Beach Market @ Times Square: $75/wk paid monthly includes Parking Pass.

Saturday-Fort Myers Beach Market @ Times Square: $75/wk paid monthly Includes Parking Pass.

Drop IN EVENT RATE: $100 for any location but must fill out application with enough notice for review and acceptance. Drop Ins are based on Availability and Management's Discretion.

Produce/Microgreens/Plant  Cash Discount Rate weekly paid monthly at:

$40 wk for ONE 10'x10'tent or

$50 for TWO 10'x10' tents configured 2x2

$100 for FOUR 10'x10' tents configured 2x4

$150 for SIX 10'x10 tents configured 2x6.

10' x 20" Spaces are 2x rates above.

Your merchandise must be inside your tent space.

10' x 10' COMMERCIAL/Professional Space is $400 a month. (Ex.:  Services, Doctors, Realtors, Tourism, Ins. etc.)

Late Fees: $50 per occurrence/market to cover extended bookkeeping costs outside our window.

Bad Check Fee: $45 + Late Fee

*Prices include sales tax.

*Monthly Fees  should not be paid before market acceptance.

*Booth and Application Fees are non-refundable. Absences and bad weather days are not refundable.

*Rates are subject to change at any time.

*Additional hot food inspection fee of $50 may be assessed by Ft. Myers Beach Fire Department.

*City of Fort Myers Beach can fine beverage vendors for using plastic straws.


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