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Vendor Rules

SLP Mission Statement 2020-21

To offer residents and tourists a wide variety of local produce, unique foods, arts and crafts differentiated from other markets by friendly vendors with excellent customer service, products, presentation and attendance. 


Rookery Bay Farmers Market @ Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Sundays 9am-1pm,  300 Tower Road Naples, FL. (Arrive by 8am. Be set up by 8:45 am) Non-smoking Campus.

One vehicle per space.

Products NOT ALLOWED: political merchandise.

St. Matthew's House Farmer Market, Mondays, 9am-1pm, 2601 Airport Road Naples, FL. (Arrive by 7 am and be set up by 7:45 am.) Non-smoking/non-vaping campus. One vehicle per space.

Products NOT ALLOWED: CBD, alcohol, political merchandise, coffee.

Surfside Farmers Market, Tuesdays 10-4pm. 2354 Surfside Blvd., Cape Coral, FL (Arrive by 9am and be set up by 9:45 am.) Products not allowed: Coffee, Sandwiches, Salads, Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Juices, Food Trucks (due to Plaza Tenants).

Estero Farmers Market @ Miromar Outlets, Saturdays 9am-1pm Year round, 10801 Corkscrew Rd. Estero, FL (Be set up by 8:45 am). Products that compete with mall tenants or restaurants are NOT ALLOWED.

As a Common Courtesy to Management and Vendors: Read the Rules!

Rules are the common sense structure for ALL so expectations are understood. Rules reduce drama, ensure flow and profitable sales.  Your application signature is a contract binding you and your employees to the rules below.


1. At time of application, a non-refundable(NR) Application Fee per Market (each day is a different market)  is due online at If you quit the market and return, a new application fee is required. App Fees pay for useage of website and email, permit expenses, advertising media and therefore are not refundable. DO NOT PAY MONTHLY FEES BEFORE BEING ACCEPTED.

2. NR booth fees are due by the 15th before the new month, otherwise your space may be filled or a $30 late fee will be imposed.  There is no proration for absences or cancellations because our expenses are not reduced.

3. Return Check Fee is $45 + Late Fee. You will not be admitted to the market until this is repaid.

4. If you use the Landlord's dumpster or public trash cans, the fee is $75 per occurrence. Take your trash with you.

5. Fees are payable by cash, credit card (online) or check. We cannot hold checks until you fund your account. If you pay in person, please pay early in the morning before 9 am before customers need our attention.

6. Professional Business Rate (Realtors, Home Improvement, Tourism, etc.) is $300 per month after acceptance and 2 weeks before the month starts.


Housekeeping, Display, Behavior (Read and Re-Read Carefully!)

  1. Priority will be given to food and handcrafted products. Re-sell products are highly vetted. We do NOT compete with shopping center tenants, who come first.

  2. Products you sell must be pre-approved and must match application. 

  3. Vendor placement will be at discretion of Management based on market attendance, tenure, product sensitivity, product likeness, and vendor adjacencies. Vendor placement can change at any time based on the influx of new vendors. Space location is not guaranteed. Be flexible and polite when moved!

  4. Generators need to be SILENT type and not distract the market with fumes, noise, cords, etc

  5. Keep your category simple and coherent to the rest of your booth. Merchandise not on application is not permitted.

  6. Vendors need:

  • To supply their own tent weights and 10' x10'tent (white is preferred). is recommended due to quality and 3 year guarantee. Tents and tent sides may not be tied to cars.

  • To have and utilize 25 pound weights on each tent leg. Concrete blocks and water bottles are not allowed.

  • To supply tables and table coverings that reach the ground, hiding supplies and excess product.

  • To remove trash and debris from vendor area during market and before leaving.

  • **Food vendors dispensing food containers/cups must display visible trash can for customers at their location and recycle trash whenever possible after removal from property.

  • To keep tables and signage IN the tent to keep walkways open to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • To post prices on all items by market opening. Prices need to be in keeping with the market. No price gouging allowed. Not having prices on your product creates distrust with your customers and reduces sales.

  • To keep all business transactions within the tent. Hawking(talking to customers who are near another's tent) is not allowed).

  • To keep a professional appearance. Revealing clothing, gym clothes, spandex, tight clothing and men’s tank tops are not allowed. We are in upscale locations and need to present accordingly.

  • To park religiously in your assigned space at the appropriate time so as not to delay others.

  • To keep all car doors closed during market hours. Open doors are unsightly & detract from customer service.

  • To ensure all employees know and abide by these policies.

  • To be flexible and cooperate with management to correct issues quickly and professionally. Be courteous, helpful and thoughtful of how your actions and words affect others.

  • To greet customers and to maintain professional and courteous behavior at all times. ***Profanity, anger, discourtesy, tardiness, defiance, absenteeism, constant phone/ earbud/ computer use will result in dismissal without refund. 

Produce Vendors

All boxes and trash need to be hidden under tables. All above vendor rules apply; no exceptions. 



 1. Vehicles must be removed to vendor parking within 15 minutes of arrival. If you need more time, arrive at      5:30 am.

 2. Vendors need to bring enough products to last until close. Early break down/ early departures are discourteous to customers and other vendors trying to sell and is not allowed.

 3. At close, no cars allowed in footprint until you are completely broken down.  Vendors need to drive carefully to avoid injury or property damage. Manager may alter this time frame according to business needs.

 4. All vendors must be off premises within one hour of close.


Cancellation Policy

  1. Market will operate rain or shine with zero Fee credits, refunds or discounts.

  2. Management reserves the right to cancel markets based on severe weather threats or conditions.

  3. Vendors must notify market management via phone call, voice mail or text prior to the market (with as much notice as possible) if unable to attend. 

  4. More than two absences can result in termination from the market. Absences lead to negative customer reviews which leads to less customers and lower sales for all. Please be committed to 100% attendance.

  5. No reimbursement is made for fees paid for vendor absence or termination.

  6. If a vendor needs to reduce the number of market days per week, the vendor shall discuss with management the situation in advance of the payment due date to find out what solutions management deems appropriate to fill business needs. Management makes all decisions about vendor placements based on market needs. Maintaining advanced communication and commitments is very important for positive working relationships.

Vendor Conduct

  1. Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of market footprint. Smokers need to leave no trace.

  2. No solicitation, including political, religious or any other non-approved solicitation.

  3. No vendor pets or infants.  Small children must be kept near parents’ sides and not be a distraction to others.

  4. Vendors must act professionally and courteously at all times with patrons, vendors and management.

  5. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are allowed at the market.

  6. Competing with our market in any fashion (being an event manager, recruiting vendors to make money) is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Policy Enforcement and Miscellaneous Policies

  1. Rules are subject to change without advance notice.

  2. Management will enforce the above stated polices at its discretion. Continued violation will result in termination of vendor participation with no fee reimbursement.

  3. Grievances must be submitted in writing to management for resolution. Resolution or response will be made within 2 weeks. **Negative talk about vendors and the markets is strictly prohibited and grounds for permanent dismissal without refund.


Vendor Licensing and Permitting

  1. Vendors are required to obtain all applicable registrations, certificates, licenses and permits prior to market attendance. You can find these websites on our Vendor Helpful Links page at .

  2. Vendors are required to collect all applicable sales tax and pay sales taxes to the State of FL.

Vendor General Liability Insurance (Highly recommended!) Due on acceptance.

General Liability Insurance ($1M per occurrence/$3M aggregate) covers personal injury or property damage that you or your display may cause and it covers all of your markets. Before you commit to GL insurance, compare rates to the websites below. You need to add as "additonal insureds":

Shop Local Productions (first paper)

19552 The Place Blvd.

Estero, FL 33928

and the applicable land owner(second paper):

Friends of Rookery Bay, 300 Tower Road, Naples, FL 34113                   and

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Resarch Reserve, 300 Tower Road, Naples, FL 34113 and/or 

St. Matthew's House, 2601 Airport Road S, Naples, FL 34112 and/or

Miromar Outlet East, LLC,10801 Corkscrew Rd., Suite 305, Estero, FL 33928

Here are two popular choices for your convenience:

Insurance Waiver.

If you don't have insurance your signed application states that you are financially and legally responsible for any damages or personal injury that you or your display may cause.

Agreement to Hold Harmless

I have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the above rules. I have met all local, state, and federal health inspections and licensing requirements prior to selling products at Shop Local Productions Events. I do not hold the landlord, Shop Local Productions, or the Market Manager liable for any property damage or personal injury that either I or my representatives may incur while selling at the above events. I accept full financial liability for my actions and all products that either I or my representatives sell at Shop Local Productions Events. I further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the landlord, Shop Local Productions, and the Market Manager from and against any and all claims and actions for injury, damage, or loss to persons or property, or other liabilities or expenses whatsoever, including court costs and attorney’s fees, related to or arising out of my or my representatives’ actions and operations with Shop Local Productions Events. I have been informed where to obtain Liability Insurance to mitigate my losses on any damage or injury I or my representatives may cause. I understand breaking these rules could cause dismissal from the market(s) without notice and/or refund.

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